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Numerous artisan shops have sprung up in and around Vicenza and the Berici hills iin the last few centuries where craftsmen work the famous "Vicenza Stone".

The stone is brought to the valley from caves which are situated in the Berici hills.

Laboratories and workshops dealing with Vicenza Stone are not usually made up of many artisans. Most of the time you find a "maestro" artisan and a few students eager to learn the secrets of working the stone and the tricks of the trade.

These workshops are not organized in any commercial way and nearly always act as a support for specific requests by construction companies, religious institutes, architects and individuals.

Some artisan shops dealing in Vicenza Stone are specialized in restoration of the numerous Palladian Villas which were built in the 16th century.

In fact, the continual contact with the hundreds of sculptors spread out over the territory has contributed and still contributes to keeping alive the passion and art of recreating the sculptures of the great Masters of the past.

We work in harmony with the artisans' shops and guarantee them a continuous source of income.

Our job is to check the quality of the material at its origin, follow the various phases of working and make sure that delivery deadlines are met and shipping is done correctly.


The laboratories work the "LIGHT COLORED VICENZA STONE (SAN GOTTARDO)". This is the most appropriate stone for decoration and sculpture.

Our price lists and estimates are always based on this type of material.

Upon request of the client, all the articles illustrated as well as the designs can be done with "YELLOW VICENZA STONE - SAN GERMANO".

The price for articles made out of "YELLOW VICENZA STONE - SAN GERMANO" is 30% more than those done in the light colored stone

  All articles are supplied to you levigated.

Upon request we can also supply:



For these types of finishings there is an additional charge of 10% to the standard price list.


We supply the sculptures in robust wooden crates and the merchandise is protected by wood chips and shavings or styrofoam.

For large shipments we use 20' or 40' containers. In this case we may use pallets instead of crates.

All estimates and prices on our price lists include packing costs.

   We do not keep a stock of material.

The extensive range of sculptures we propose makes it difficult to manage a warehouse. Additionally, the high value of hand-made goods would require a sizable investment and further costs.

The sulptures are therefore commissioned upon reception of a client's order.

Average delivery time begins at 40 days.

Workshops are closed during Christmas holidays for 10 days and 3 weeks during the summer in August.

Once we receive a client's order we provide you with the date we expect to be shipping the material. Upon request we supply information regarding shipping times and customs operations.


30% at the time of ordering for standard articles illustrated on the web site.

50% for articles illustrated but modified, and for designs or special techniques requested by the client.

The remaining payment can be paid by wire or bank transfer upon notification that goods are ready to be shipped.

During the final phases of working we supply the client with a few photos which illustrate the work already performed with the goal of informing the client and allowing them to make little adjustments and changes.

The payment upon ordering allows us to set the order in motion and begin working with the workshops.

Missing payment orders are not considered valid.


For European countries the merchandise is normally sent by truck.

For all other countries the merchandise is sent by sea.

Urgent deliveries can be sent by air in accordance with agreements between us and the client. All transportation costs are borne by the client.

Our price lists and estimates are for packaged material. In our final offer we indicate the transportation costs and those of insurance. We supply the client with a precise indication of the complete cost of the purchase C.I.F. and delivery to nearest port or directly to your home including insurance.

C.I.F. stands for "Cost Insurance Freight" and indicates that the buyer is obliged to pay all customs fees, taxes and necessary expenses for customs formalities and imports.

FRANCO DOMICILIO indicates that the shipment takes place over land by truck and the goods are delivered directly to your home. In any case the client is obliged to pay all customs fees, taxes and necessary expenses for customs formalities and imports.

The transportation costs vary depending on volume and weight.

For shipments by sea, the larger the quantity the lower the relative cost.


The merchandise is checked before packing. We guarantee that the goods are in perfect condition and correspond exactly to quality and safety requirements.

We cannot respond to or accept responsibility for damages incurred during transportation or negligence of others.

In any case the merchandise is shipped and covered by insurance. The insurance fee is included in the C.I.F. port of arrival (C.I.F. = Cost of material + insurance + freight).

Upon receiving the merchandise we recommend that the client check the contents of the packing and if damage is noted, contact the shipping company IMMEDIATELY and send us a copy of the documentation.

It is always a good idea to sign delivery documents with "We reserve the right to check the material". We recommend you check the goods immediately, and in case of damage, keep both the packaging as well as the damaged goods in order to permit the insurance company to examine the damage and authorize payment due.

In any case we suggest you do not return the material (unless you have our written authorization) in that the expenses would increase with the new shipping.


Telephone orders must be confirmed on paper.

Prices indicated on our price lists are valid unless otherwise modified. Before making new orders we reconfirm and supply all the updated information.

Clients from the European Community must supply us with their VAT numbers (PARTITA IVA).

Once the client makes an order it is understood that he/she accepts the above mentioned conditions.

In case of contestation, the contract shall be governed by the law of Italy (Court of Vicenza).

Should the client decide to telephone us it is important to keep in mind the time difference (for example the east coast of the U.S. is 6 hours behind Italy, the west coast is a 9 hour difference).


The price list is sent by email ONLY upon special request and the client must indicate his or her full mailing address.


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