Stone garden wells



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Garden Wells


A well in the middle of a garden gives to the garden itself characteristics of dignity and glamour. Unfortunately, not all the gardens, even the most important, can show the presence of a well.

While visiting numerous ancient villas in the Veneto region, we had the chance to find many wells that, with patience and hard work, we tried to reproduce using the "Vicenza stone", which is a stone that is suitable to be carved to create this type of ornamental piece.

The wells made of "Vicenza stone" are often presented with varnished wrought iron arches, perfect reproductions of the ancient wells part of our artistic history.

ART.n. 1405
cm 90 x
cm 120 x 13
Typical Gothic well.


ART.n. 1425
cm 90 x 90 x 90
Base: cm 13 x
Reproduction of an antique well with artistic decorations.


ART.n. 1427
cm 90 x 90 x 90
Base: cm 13 x
Cylindrical form carved in relief with fruiting vines and foliage.
The scrolling overthrow with pulley
and on circular base.


ART.n. 1401
cm 90 x
BASE cm 13 x 130 x 130 (1st)
        cm 13 x 180 x 180 (2nd)
A wellhead artistically sculpted
with an octagonal shape and cherubs and festoons on high relief.


Sizes: 1st = height, 2nd = width, 3rd = depth
Convertion cm to inches : cm x 0,3937


            The sculptures are not molded with cement, plaster, polymers or powdered stone.
            They are not made mechanically with a pantograph and therefore not
            The articles are sculpted by stone craftsmen.
            The items are all similar but not identical.


On request we are able to supply the wrought iron arch, varnished

ART.n. 2216
cm 90 x 100 x 100
BASE cm 13 x 140 x 140
Classic well with solemn artistic details.


ART.n. 2213
cm 90 x 100 x 100
Base: cm 15 x 140 x 140
Grand square well with rich sculptural decorations.



ART.n. 2070
cm 90 x
BASE cm 15 x 160 x160
Reproduction of a Medieval well with
an octagonal shape.




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Artistically decorated wells for gardens
Stone wells for gardens artistically decorated by Italian craftsmen
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