Garden sculpture and stone statues



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Garden Statues and Stone Sculptures

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The garden sculptures made of "Vicenza stone" that we present are free artistic reproductions of classical and mythological figures.

Each sculpture has its own story behind and it refers often to the Greek-Roman society, to ancient times and adventurous legends.

All garden sculptures and statues are carefully finished by expert masters of art.



In December 1994, Vicenza - the city of Palladio - was included in UNESCO's World Heritage list in recognition that its Palladian architectural treasures are to be considered of exceptional interest and of universal value, and that they have exerted a great influence on the culture of the world as a whole.


ART.n. 1007/A
cm 100-120-140-160-180

ART.n. 1007/B
cm 100-120-140-160-180


This remarkable material has been used for centuries by foremost sculpt
ors and architects throughout Italy and Northern Europe in the construction of beautiful villas and roman palaces.  Palladio, famous master stone carved (1508-1580), sculptured altars, villas and statues using the "Vicenza Stone" in his creations.  Many of Palladios masterpieces are still in excellent condition to this day after over 400 years!



BASE: ART.n. 1008 cm 48x35x35 - 48x40x40 - 48x48x48


ART.n. 1007/C
cm 100-120-140-160-180


ART.n. 1007/D
cm 100-120-140-160-180


The "Four Seasons" garden statues complete every garden and they have a basic importance when it comes to adorning and furnishing gardens and villas.

A) The "Spring" is represented by a young woman that carries some      flowers.
B) The "Summer" is represented by ears of corn.
C) The "Autumn" is represented by a statue adorned with vine
     leaves and grape bunches.
D) The "Winter" is represented by a woman wearing winter clothing.


  Each sculptor has his own way to interpret and create a sculpture.

  The same sculptor that represents the same subject in different moments will create similar


  sculptures, but these sculptures will never be identical in comparison to the original one.


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Garden statues and stone sculpture for villas
Garden statues and stone sculptures of classical and mythological figures
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